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Dörtyol Et supplies its products from contract breeders in different regions from Anatolia. These products are made from animals that undergo a live veterinary inspection process and are fed in a completely natural environment without using hormones and similar artificial substances.


Dörtyol Et has an integrated meat facility with a large cutting capacity. Animals slaughtered under the hygienic conditions with modern technology are subjected to a meat inspection (post-mortem) and cooling.


Dörtyol Et is aware of the importance of the “cold chain” for health and follows the scientific knowledge that it must never be broken. This ensures that the products are stored without losing their nutritional value and without impairing the hygiene values.


In addition to veterinary slaughter and meat control during the production and slaughter process, the meat, which is strictly controlled by food engineers, is presented to your satisfaction and health.


Following the taste and hygiene tests, the products approved by those responsible are packaged so that they can be stored in the packaging unit without losing their nutritional value. It is classified as meat packaging, frozen product packaging, and cartoning.